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A theatrical performance by COMPAGNIA B


Production manager Luca Sorrentino

Organisation manager Elena Piseddu


Script and direction Alice Capitanio

Drama assistant Angelo Trofa

Translation and adaptation Wendell Ricketts

With Nunzio Caponio e Chiara Effe

Music and original songs Chiara Effe

Set and costumes Sinforosa (Salvatore Aresu e Noemi Tronza)


A man is about to take a step into the unknown, his future is already determined by the war that awaits him.

Before leaving he lingers with his partner, enthralled by the fascination of the memories his costume releases. The costume becomes the protagonist of historical episodes and personal affairs: falling in love, courting, marriage, mourning, tragic and happy events, all embroidered and recounted on the fabric, in order to communicate his life experiences with other women and the entire town. However, the embroidery, the signs, the fabrics, the symbols and colours depict experiences and emotions, the manifestation of one’s mood and the experiences of life. A single costume lasted a lifetime, recounting the lives of every family and their rapport with the community through its embroidery and it captured the suffering, tenderness, love, joy and pains but above all the memories in its decorations.


The performance will last for 35 mins. At the end of the show, members of the audience will be able to try on some of the items of traditional Sardinian clothing.

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